Confirmation Email?

AdvancerAdvancer Posts: 8
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Hey everyone,

I submitted my project last night but am still waiting for a confirmation email. I've tried sending another email without attachments to verify it was received but haven't gotten a response as well.

Have other submitters been getting confirmation emails?



  • robotmaster5379robotmaster5379 Posts: 3
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    Julia sent out an email a few days ago saying it would take up to 2 days to send verification emails. From that, it sounds like a person is going through the entries to send the emails to us, so with around 100 entries it might take them a while!
  • AdvancerAdvancer Posts: 8
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    Ah so it's an acceptance email, not a confirmation email.

    They should send out emails saying the submission was at least received and send a second email later when it's accepted.
  • robotmaster5379robotmaster5379 Posts: 3
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    Well they used the same email address for any questions about the contest as well as submissions. I submitted mine a little bit ago and got a confirmation around 30 minutes later. You might want to double check you have the right email address and stuff
  • DDesignsDDesigns Posts: 3
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    I submitted a couple weeks ago.
    After several days got an email that confirmed receipt of the files.
  • Lauren DavisLauren Davis Posts: 313
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    Hi Everyone,

    Julia Quillen has been going through the emails we received yesterday, all day today. Please expect a confirmation from her by tomorrow afternoon (Pacific Time). If you don't receive one please email without any file attachments and let us know you are still waiting on confirmation. Thank you for participating. We're looking forward to going through all the applications.

  • AdvancerAdvancer Posts: 8
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    I got mine last night. Thanks for the update Lauren.

    Good luck everyone!
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