Deconstruction - Rochester MN - (7pm 2/22-7pm 2/24)

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Hey folks! Our hackerspace, the Rabbit Hole is hosting Rochester MN's hacking team for the hackathon called The Deconstruction. ( We're inviting any Minneapolis/MN folks to come by to our place (where the hackerspace is) to join in!

It's a 48 hour event - Whisker and I consist of the night team and a bunch of the engineers here in town will be part of the day team. We have some folks who will be joining us from the tymkrs IRC and we'd love for some Parallax love :D

Let us know if you're interested, email us at anytime for directions! If you can't join us but are interested in watching or helping via IRC:


Whisker is a hardware and wetware hacker, and produces geeky content on a daily basis. Atdiy is a cardiovascular nurse by day and an electronics n00b at night. Together we're the Toymakers (Tymkrs) and we post videos/blogs on electronics, DIY projects, and whatever else we happen upon! Visit us at,, and! Our projects are on and you can chat with us daily at #tymkrs!


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