IR Remote controlled VMUSIC2 MP3 Player

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I took a VMUSIC2 module, a USB Propeller proto board, a Panasonic IR Detector and an old Sony camcorder remote control (RMT-811) and put them together to create a remote controlled MP3 player.

I used Tim Moore's Multiple serial port driver since it supported RTS/CTS hardware flow control which allowed me to easily capture the "status" information output from the VMUSIC2.

When a song starts playing, the 8.3 filename is displayed and then the ID3 Tag data contained within the MP3 file is displayed. This may include the track number, song title, artist, album and composer.
Then as the song plays, the track time is displayed (see below).

I use Tom Doyle's IR Remote object to drive the Panasonic IR Detector to capture the Sony IR Remote's codes allowing me to pause play, skip songs, stop, play etc.

The program currently starts playing songs randomly and I use the remote to skip but I plan on adding more fuctionality - there are many VMUSIC2 commands (and buttons on my remote) that will be useful. The VMUSIC2 commands are on page 52 of this FTDI Firmware document

I also intend to add a serial LCD display (two line or four line) to display the MP3 information and any menu type data I use for the remote operation.


Example of ID3 Tag info:
Playing MAISQU~1.MP3
Mais Que Nada
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
Four Sider
T $00 $00
T $01 $00
T $02 $00


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