Quickstart Board reboots when PC GUI program starts and stops

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I am currently using the USB port on the Quickstart board to provide a serial communication channel to a GUI program written with JAVA. It seems that when I start my GUI program and when I stop my GUI program the Quickstart board will go into a reset condition and the Quickstart restarts my program. When I start the GUI program, the Quickstart board will reboot, then my GUI works fine with communicating to Quickstart board. Then when I exit my program, I am closing my serial port and the Quickstart reboots again. Is this due to the connecting and disconnecting of the serial port in my GUI program? I thought I saw the same problem with the Quickstart board on the discussion board but I have not found it.

On the PC, I connected to another serial port with a laptop running hyperterminal and I do not see any characters being sent when I start and stop the program. The serial data sent by my GUI is correct and when I disconnect, I don't see any problems.

If this is a simple question, I apoligize ahead of time. I have been playing with the quickstart board for a few weeks.



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