PropSTICK Now Available for Purchase

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·The PropSTICK is Now Available for Purchase·······

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Parallax offers several ways of getting started with our new Propeller Chip. The easiest PropellerLogo.gifand most cost-effective is presently the PropStick.

The PropStick is Propeller in a kit, consisting of the Propeller P8X32A-D40 chip, 24LC256 EEPROM, serial programming interface, 3.3V voltage regulator, and reset circuitry packed into a nice DIP module you can plug into your breadboard.

To order the PropSTICK please click on the image below.·Price: $79.95
(image displays assembled PropSTICK)

············· attachment.php?attachmentid=41496
For more information about the Propeller and Propeller Chips and Tools please visit

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Parallax Inc.

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