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Propeller Introductory FLASH Demo

edited 2006-04-01 14:13 in Propeller 1
I'm not a marketting or sales geek - however, from a propeller newbie standpoint I think, tt would be fantastic to see propeller and all the of its satellite tools in action via a flash demo. Especially, that talks to these areas:

1. about the chip and the form-factors. Architecture details, etc
2. dev board and what's is included
3. Spin programming model and how one can dev codebase to easily drive propeller
4. IDE, etc
5. a few app notes and demos

Not sure if parallax already has this available or if this is in the pike.


Thanks, ALIBE


  • ALIBEALIBE Posts: 299
    edited 2006-04-01 13:49
    want to qualify this post.

    the flash demo should be from tech and usability standpoint and less from sale-sy standpoint

    had to say that [noparse]:)[/noparse]
  • Jon WilliamsJon Williams Posts: 6,491
    edited 2006-04-01 14:06
    We could do that... but it would cut into the time we need to actually get the product released.

    Jon Williams
    Applications Engineer, Parallax
  • ALIBEALIBE Posts: 299
    edited 2006-04-01 14:13

    I don't want to pull you guys out from the mainstream - let me say, "on a 2nd thought, never mind [noparse]:)[/noparse]"
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