Parallax Announces the Propeller!

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Parallax Announces the Propeller!

New Parallax Design Required Years of R&D

What can you do with eight 32-bit processors (COGs) in one chip? Real simultaneous multi-processing! The new Propeller chip is the result of our internal design team working for eight years.

PropellerLogo.gifThe Propeller chip was designed at the transistor level by schematic using our own Altera Stratix tools to prototype the product. The Propeller is programmed in both a high-level language, called Spin™, and low-level (assembly) language. With the set of pre-built Parallax “objects” for video, mice, keyboards, RF, LCDs, stepper motors and sensors your Propeller application is a matter of high-level integration.

For more information about the Propeller and Propeller Kits and Accessories please visit

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