GUI Bot for Tab Sumo Bot?

pbpb Posts: 6
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Can the GUI Bot v1.3 be used to program the Tab Sumo-Bot? The web site only mentions the Boe-Bot.



  • allanlane5allanlane5 Posts: 3,815
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    I would guess not. The Tab SumoBot uses a co-processor to drive electric motors. It has a little co-processor library interface. The BOE-Bot directly drives its wheels through two servos.

    Thus, the simulation model for each would be quite different.
  • Russ FergusonRuss Ferguson Posts: 206
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    I have the Tab SUMOBOT.

    The Parallax 'GUI Bot' software is designed to send signals directly to servo motors on the standard BOEBOT pins. The Tab SUMOBOT has DC gear motors which are not directly controlled by the BS2.

    The Tab SUMOBOT has dedicated the BS2 pins 12 and 13 (to communication with the co-processor if I remember correctly). This makes it very difficult to replace the DC motor drive with servo motors and run them from pins 12 and 13.

    I believe that everything else could be made to work.
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