computer vision: video camera alternatives

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low cost electronic sensor alternatives are there to video cameras?

photosensitive transistors?

essentially i would like to be able recognize the area of an object (hand, paper cutout) placed directly above an array of sensors, and display a low res image (silhouette) of the object on an lcd.


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    Well, in a robot-building book they mentioned taking an old 2114 or similar RAM chip with the metallic top, carefully remove the lid and using the chip as a CCD...

    I have no idea how good it is, or where to get hold of the chips...
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    You could also look for one of those cheap 'keychain' digital cameras and hack it apart to get the lens and CCD chip.
    (But where to find the data-sheet?)
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    Those keychain cameras are nice and me a couple for some future projects....but what then you'd need is a way to convert it from it's digital (file-like) format in to a video signal for an LCD.· Assuming you'd have some sort of component input, you'd have the image to that....

    The CMUcam will track colour blobs for you.· but I don't know how you might output that signal to a display.

    There is this method from seattle robotics:


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