how to upload a tgz-file?

Adrian SchneiderAdrian Schneider Posts: 92
edited 2005-01-28 - 21:17:02 in General Discussion
I would like to upload the latest version of stampbc for linux due to some recent requests.
However, I cannot attach the tgz-file as the mime type application/x-compressed is rejected
by the attachment manager.



  • JonbJonb Posts: 146
    edited 2005-01-27 - 23:45:00
    Zip or RAR it up and change the file name to or .tgz.rar
  • Paul BakerPaul Baker Posts: 6,351
    edited 2005-01-27 - 23:52:57
    While there is a fair change that it would work (unless they reject all compressed files to inhibit viruses), thats goofy, .tgz stands for a gzipped tarball.
  • Jim EwaldJim Ewald Posts: 700
    edited 2005-01-28 - 06:05:47

    The Upload Manager should now accept .TGZ files.


    Parallax IT Dept.
  • Tom WalkerTom Walker Posts: 509
    edited 2005-01-28 - 21:17:02
    Paul Baker:

    But then....a tarball is .tar format...which stands for Tape Archive...and it seldom actually gets saved to tape, anymore...g'figure...<g>

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