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I just purchased a wireless camera to goof around with. Its about the size of a large sugar cube. I would love to be able to mount it to my tab sumo-bot and have a 'robot cam'.

Ultimately, I would like to use the IR remote control to have the camera tilt up and down. Here is where I need some direction... I have a parallax standard servo and the camera. I just need some way to mount the camera so that when the servo turns it tilts the camera up and down. Oh, and I also plan on using some standoffs and mount the server / camera / battery 'above' the current board on a new board.

Do any of you have any ideas on a good way to mount this? I'll figure out the remote control operation of the servo later. At this point, I'm just worrying about the mounting / servo-tilting operation.

Thanks much!



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    From memory the lynx motion robotic arms have a servo controlled camera that tilts. I think the site is something like

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    Yes LynxMotion do a serveral kits, I have one of them and its excellent.

    The link your after is:

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    Thats a great site - thanks much - its just what the doctor ordered [noparse]:)[/noparse]
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    I thought about buying one, what do you think about maximum weight it can lift? Is it too small or have not had any problems with it.
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    Hi Michael,

    It would depend on the size of the servos. Obviously the larger servo's the more current consuption.

    With the kit including the servo's, a reasonable amount. It (can) be provided with "Hitec HS-422" servos'. You would need to lookup the spec's on them, taking into account the leverage of the camera mount.

    The materials used are of good quality - so should not be an issue there.

    Good luck
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