Stampers in my area

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Are there any stampers in my area - Port Richey, Florida?

Sid Weaver
Do you have a Stamp Tester?


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    I guess I have to ask the same question, well, is there?

    bugg (I live in Brodhead, Wisconsin)

    So many projects, so little time.
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    You guys should try what I have been doing...I have contacted locals school and colleges to see if they're interested in the Parallax kits, and offered to demonstrate what I have for them.· This will get more people interested, and potentially get you more people to work on projects...Not to mention adding more stampers to the market!

    I myself am hoping to get more·students into it in the hopes that I can find some who are into the same types of projects that we work on here, and perhaps some we haven't gotten too much into, like robotics, something I personally put off for several years until I got a BOE-Bot.

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