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I am a new user to this program.· I have the software installed correctly, however it cannot locate com port.· Device manager also does not show com port and only shows LPT (which I have no printer attached).· I have tripled checkd my connections and have rebooted, unable to access bios as DOS does not recognize USB keyboard and I do not have another.· I am running XP pro on a put together-mix/match parts.· I only use this comp for internet and classwork.· I follwed the steps on page 315 in the book What is a Microcomputer-however when i get to the poperties for ports I have no ADVANCED TAB just a general info tab.· I really wanted to do this work at home instead of school so I can move on quicker.· Any sugesstions will be helpful.· I have also done the run/identify 3 times including immediately after a reboot.


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    I think the problem you have lies with Windows lack of recognition of the computer's COM port hardware. Are you trying to program the BS2 or BS1? If your USB ports work you could buy a USB-Serial adapter and be programming again.

    Does the computer have a physical COM port with 9 pins? If so, maybe a search on Google could help identify why Windows does not find your COM port.

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