Where to buy joysticks

David LDavid L Posts: 5
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I have been looking for some joysticks to control motors.
Most of what I find when doing a search on the internet
is game joysticks for the pc. Does anyone know where
I can get a joystick that will fit in a project box that has
self centering?

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  • BobbyJBobbyJ Posts: 22
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    I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but the link above is for a company that sells replacement parts for full size arcade systems.

    you can also usually find these parts listed on ebay
  • JamesCJamesC Posts: 26
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    The link in the previous post is for Happ Controls. I've ordered parts from them in the past.

    Note that since most of their stuff is for stand-up arcade machines, they will be rather large, maybe bigger than what you want.

    Are you looking for an analog joystick (something that can return a range of values), or just a simple up-down-left-right type?
  • David LDavid L Posts: 5
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    I am looking for an analog joystick to be able to control the speed of two motors.
    Something like what is used in a remote controlled airplane.
  • Paul BakerPaul Baker Posts: 6,351
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    Digikey carries the CTS 252 series, the catalog page is: http://dkc3.digikey.com/PDF/T043/1007.pdf
    To order goto http://www.digikey.com and type "joystick" in the parts search box, they have 10K and 100K versions with and without integrated switches


    (My apologies to those of you who tried to use the two previously listed links, I was unaware they were context sensitive search results which worked only for me and only·for a set period of time)

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  • David LDavid L Posts: 5
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    Thanks I have been looking for months.
    Digikey.com appears to have just that I wanted.

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