Servo positon "!scrsp" vriable question

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Ok first things first. thanks for every bodys help.·this is the best support form I have ever· used.

Now my last issue is this I have a servo going from 360 to 1200 and then back agin.·Just like the Sample In the PSC PDf·doucment.

but insted of using a for x to y loop with a pause.

I want to·use a do until loop using the servos positon in the equation for geting out of the loop.

exp: loop until (servo possiton)> 1199

how do I use or convert the 3 part array back to somthing usable?



  • Jon WilliamsJon Williams Posts: 6,491
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    position.HIGHBYTE = buff(2)
    position.LOWBYTE = buff(1)

    Now you can do what you want with position.

    Jon Williams
    Applications Engineer, Parallax
    Dallas Office
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