CMUcam -> HexCrawler, kills program

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I am using a CMUcam, with a HexCrawler, BS2 stamp...

I have merged program#3 for basic color tracking with the camera, with the crustCrawler walking program (I tried using the parallax walking program, but it would not let me add the RcvData array - not enough room). It works fairly well - a couple of times. I have the walk cycle stop when the camera reads the selected color, by sending it to the 'adjust' mode, then a long pause, then switch the selectedMode back to 'fast forward', then it goes back into my walk cycle - and the program freezes right when it tries to access the camera:

serout 10, 84, [noparse][[/noparse]"TW", CR]

I tought maybe this line can't be looped through, but the sample CMUcam applications have this in the Main, continually being called. I can run my walk cycle 2 or 3 times, interrupting by putting a piece of tracked fabric color in from of the camera, but it always snags after 2 or so tries. The legs just sieze, and my debugging shows that it freezes right before the above command. Any ideas????


(my bs2 file is attached)
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