eb500 passkey required WinXP pack2

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Hi, I have just purchased an eb500 Bluetooth module.
I installed my own Bluetooth adapter which used·the Win XP service pack 2 drivers and am informed that the device is working properly. But............ when I try to connect the eb500 module it asks for a passkey. I can see the eb500 address and the adapter address but·I can`t find anywhere on my PC where I can allow the connection with reduced security,ie no passkey required. I have also trawled through the WinXP help sites to no avail.
Presumably this is a regular problem and is easily bypassed.
Hope you can help.

Desktop PC /·eb500 A Assy:00023 / BOE


  • StuartttttStuarttttt Posts: 45
    edited 2004-12-04 - 14:48:53
    This is a reply from myself to myself, lol, which hopefully will help others if they encounter the same problem. After a few days looking at this problem.......
    It appears that Win XP sp2 uses its own drivers for the Bluetooth Adapter and even if it searches the driver disk supplied with the adapter it will inform you that it hasn`t found a driver better than its using. The Win XP sp2 Bluetooth programme doesn`t appear to let you have a "unsecure" connection and always asks for a passkey and didn`t let me bypass it at all.

    Remedy : When the adapter has been installed using Win XP drivers they can now be updated in Device manager, always ensuring that you force WinXP to get the driver from "have disk".
    The Widdcom driver supplied with my adapter has the option to select "secure connection not required" for both the incoming and outgoing com ports.

    The eb500 Bluetooth device appears to be working perfectly and I`m now looking forward to using it in my robotic projects.
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