make a 20 sec radioshack recorder play/repeat when powered on?

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I am trying to make a 20 sec radioshack recorder play the recorded message when power is supplied. I am using it with a basic stamp so when the sensor senses something, power goes to the recorder and plays the prerecorded message...due to size and money constraints, the recorder is what I have chosen. You press the record button, the speaker/microphone records for 20 seconds. You then press the play button and it will play the message and turn off. You cannot hold the play button down and get the message to repeat it will just stop, but once you let go of it it will play the message again and stop. Any ideas on going around the play button to make it repeat or play/repeat when power is supplied? Thanks. mark
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    I only saw one button, but that's beside the point.· If you have the BS2 controlling the power to the device then there's no reason you couldn't also have it control a small reed relay to simlulate closing the contacts for the play button.· With a better look at the circuitry and/or schematic, it may even be possible with a simple transistor.

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    In reply to your question, I also have the same radio shack unit. and wanted to achieve the same result. To triger your module , what occurs is that B- from the nine volt batter is applied to R3 at the middle of the board. Therefor if you connect a transistor from B- to this resistor. and control the base from the basic stamp. you can trigger the device. Knowing the time it takes to play back the message, is the key to retriger the base of the transistor. using counter = ??? in a program does this. Note B- from your radio-shack module and B- from the stamp are common to each other.
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    do you have any pictures of what you did, or a dummies version, such as part numbers or what those parts do. i am very new to electronics. thanks, mark.
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    I have the basic stamp homework board and with it came one 2n3904, I connected that to pin 15 thru one 100k resistor and to the base of Q1. Wired the 20sec module to the breadboard of the homework board and modified a program I had filed away. So you should have all the parts for this project. you didn't say what would be ending the program. Perhaps the sensor resets?
    tell me more about your sensor and I will duplicate it and I will post a pic and the code
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    genekap, why such a large value resistor (100K) from the output pin to the base of the 2N3904?· A 1K resistor would work just fine.

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    Chris it was just an on the fly value, asuming the gain of the 3904 =100 that would sink .005amp
    My micronta fet meter wouldn't even measure the small I value that the playback module was using at switch closure. Q1 may not even be needed at all. but I am new to the stamp and was interfacing a countdown timer to be triggered by the stamp , so Q1 and R1 were already on the board. The radio shack module that Mark and I both have are the same, but I don't have the data sheet or sch. so I chose that value to be on the safe side, its been quite some time now since I vaporized a transistor. perhap you can help us both with the code when you see mine to retriger Q1. I am still very week in programing, Old school industrial relay logic , you know. goes back to the kiss rule, ( keep is simple stupid )
    Question-- when using counter = 1 to 15 , do any I/Os need to be adressed or will it just count to N and then preform next line of code
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    ·· Arbitrary values are okay sometimes, especially if you're using high safe values.· But it would help you to know what a good nominal value would be for something like that.· 1K on that transistor will be fine.· To some on here, even that's a little high.· But using it as a switch, it's a safe value.

    ·· As for your counter code...that depends...Are you just trying to pass time?· If so, you could just use a PAUSE statement to get the 15 or 20 seconds.· If you're trying to read sensors in between, you will need another approach.· I'm not sure exactly what your desired operation is on this.

    ·· I know you want it to replay the message, but do you want it to only replay if the sensor is still triggered?· Or once triggered, continually replay the message?· How many times do you want it to replay?

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