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PGOffline is a simple database that has what is needed to coax Yahoo
to let people see the archives.

If you don't know, Yahoo restructured the list some months ago and
eleminated archiving any attachements. But, it also limited a search
to the last 250 posts.

PGOffline will allow you to keep the entire archives on your hard
disk (or CD) and search them at your leasure.

I have no financial involvment with Wilson or PGOffline, just a very
satisfied customer.

Just to let you know what type of guy he is, when yahoo was pulling
the plug, he released a no-holds barred version for free so anybody
could pull the old files. Most would see that as a time to raise the

I think now, the demo IS the full version, no limits. But check it
out for yourself.


--- In, "Wilson Logan"
<wilson.logan@n...> wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> If I'd know you were doing this sort of stuff I'd have been
picking your brains about it. I'm doing a PIC based 2 channel data
logger. Anyway I've spent the last couple of days DL'ing basicstamps
and the resultant archives are here:
> 13.8 Mb
(messages 1 - 20000)
> 19.0 Mb
(messages 20001 - 43581)
> The application is here:
> homepage here:
> $15.99 after 30 day trial. Don't like it? Chuck it & keep the
archives (in standard MS Access format).
> Cheers,
> Wilson Logan (PGOffline creator).


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