OT: Newbie Confused. NEED''s Help on Basic Stamp and 8052 confusion

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Well, it's a leap from Basic to Assembler, but there sure are times
nice fast assembler code is good to be able to use.

http://www.newmicros.com sells pre-built 8052 boards which can be
used add some components.

Virtual Micro Design has a simulation package (UMPS) which our
students use. You can write Assembler, test it, and control virtual
devices. It great to use to find learn with and find out if you like
assembler or not.

Along which our Microcontroller text Parallax has for download for
students doing independent study, part II, on programming the 8051 is
also available from [url=http://www.vmdesign.com.]http://www.vmdesign.com.[/url] The zip comes the our
text in pdf format, sample files, and a virtual activity board for
UMPS to help you get started. (sometimes I have problems with their
download of our materials, contact me if you need it mailed to you).

In Assembler, you pretty much have to control every facet of data
movement. Nothing is as simple, but it sure can be fast!

Of course, another option if you want to get into low level
programming is to use the SX key which Parallax sells.

-Martin Hebel
SelmaWare Solutions
S-Plot Pro - Graphical Data Acquisition and Control

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Electronic Systems Technologies
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