New Serial Keypad Encoders for the BASIC Stamp

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Hello Stampers,

We have just released a Serial Keypad Encoder IC designed
specifically for the BASIC Stamp.

With Ser-Key you can connect up to 10 simple push-button
switches to build your own serial keypads.

Ser-Key sends the ASCII value for keys 1-10 serially to the
BASIC Stamp over a single I/O-pin, with a VALID-DATA pin
going to a logic low during keypresses.

Ser-Key [noparse][[/noparse]does not] require a matrix keypad.· Simple push-button
switches are all you need, and you can use as few, or as many as
you need for your design, up to 10.



Bruce Reynolds

Reynolds Electronics
633 N. 8th St.
Canon City, Co. 81212
Voice: 719-269-3469
Fax: 719-276-2853
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