put command on the BS2SX---------help!

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I've recently posted additional examples on using the BS2SX and BS2e at
that is the same URL as Al mentioned, just redirected. Some day I'll get a
real ISP, as Compuserve goes down the tubes.

-- Tracy

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Al Williams wrote:
The BS2SX works a little different than that. You use the editor to prepare
completely different programs and load each one into a different slot. When
you issue a RUN 1 command, that jumps to the completely different program.
Depending on which editor you use this works a little different so read the
docs with the editor you downloaded.

The PAK-II's memory is independent of the program bank, so you won't have
any trouble there. Just be sure to put the PAK-II library in each bank, or
work out some scheme to call back into the bank that has the PAK-II library
(the first way is easier, but does waste more memory).

Read: http://www.al-williams.com/wd5gnr/bs2sx.htm
and: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/emesys/BS2SX.htm
and: http://www.phanderson.com/stamp/bs2sx.html


Al Williams
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> On my bs2sx i ran out of eeprom space so dont i just simply type
> RUN 1 to go
> to the next program where i can take advantage of another 2k of space? I
> typed run 1 a little bit before i ran out of space and then
> continued with
> my code after the run 1 command and it still said out of eeprom
> space what
> am i doing wrong?
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