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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new basicstamps list hosted by eGroups.

During the transition, a couple of messages arrived in the list before
everyone was subscribed. I've included them below just in case you've
missed them:

Message # 1

>Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 00:59:56 -0800
>To: group
>From: Stuart Caruk stucaru-@p...
>Subject: programing a basic stamp 1
>My wife and I have each built a mini sumo robot, that uses a basic stamp1,
and are to the powered up and ready to program the stamp phase. I am
sitting at the DOS prompt with my laptop, running STAMP, with the
minisumo.bas code loaded. When I try the Alt-R command to download the file
to the stamp, I get a "hardware not found" error message.
>I have checked the wiring of the cable and it is fine.
>Oddly, when I turn on the power of my MiniSumo, only the power led and the
led on the base are illuminated. Occasionally one the servos spins.
>When Anita's is powered up, both LED's are on, and the remaining two LED's
flash on and off sequentially. It also get's a hardware not found error,
but when initially hooked up with the power off, the pwr LED glows dimly.
When powered on, it glows bright, and after the Alt-R command (followed by
the hardware not found message) the leds stop blinking, and if I turn the
power switch off the main power led isn't even dimly lit.
>Should I be using a different program to load the program to the stamp? Is
there some way to tell it which port it needs to use? I have tried a DOS
shell in windows, and booting directly into DOS.
>I have also tried the alt-I command, and it delays for a while while a
message comes up saying "checking erasure" and then it says hardware is not
>There must be something simple that I am missing...
>Any help would be much appreciated.

Message #2

I have been using Stamps and Scenix chips for the better part of
two years, and I have a number of apps up and running.

However, I have just been talking to a friend who wants to
measure vibration in machinery, and I have been unable to
find any mention of such an app in any of the lists of apps
for the Stamp or elsewhere.

Could anyone out there point me in the right direction for
perhaps choosing what chips might be able to measure
strain and.or vibration?

Any help gratefully received.

JP Harrison
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