I need drastic help.... Requires knowledge with Gear robotics

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Hello, I·participate in a·robotic class through Oakmont High School. We·are having a soccer competition with a nearby school and are building our robots.· My problem is I need a way to connect the standard servo from the Beo-Bot kit, to the gear system.· I believe the Gear uses a chip called Isaac·(some number).· I need a way to program the servo to turn when the trigger button is pressed on the gear robot's·joystick.
The competition is on·Fridayshocked.gif and this is the only part of our robot that is still incomplete.
Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

Daniel Copeland


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    The servo has three wires. These are VCC (+5), GND, and Signal.

    The 'Signal' wire needs to sit at 0 volts most of the time, then have a +5 pulse put on it (BS2 uses PULSOUT). If the Pulse is 1.5 mSec in width, then the servo goes to the 'center' position. If the Pulse is 1 mSec, it's all the way left. If the Pulse is 2 mSec it's all the way right. The Pulse needs to be repeated every 20 to 50 mSec for the servo to hold its position.

    So, your program needs to read the trigger button, then change the pulse-width to the servo, so the servo will turn.
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    Oh, and what is the vendor and model of the robot you are using? "Gear Robot" turns up a lot of links, but none that appear useful to your problem.
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    The Gear Robots use peices to build any type of robot you want.· Isaac 16 is the name of the chip used.
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    Yes, but you havn't added any additional informatin. Who makes the thing?
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