answer key for robotics! v 1.5

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I am currently looking for the answer key for the old robotics! v 1.5 student workbook can anybody help me with this?



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    Hello Rich,

    Unfortunately there is no·answer key·for Robotics v. 1.5.· The first answer key that Parallax produced for Robotics was for Robotics v. 2.0.· Which, actually, I am still working on finishing ;-)

    However, many of the questions are the same or similar, so you could get an idea of _how_ to solve the problem by looking at the v. 2.0 answer key.

    The answer keys, we call them Teacher's Guides, are available in the Parallax Educator's Forum.

    Here's a snippet from another post:

    "The answers to the questions in Stamps in Class books as well as other resources for educators are available only at the Parallax Educator's Forum.

    Only Educators can join that forum.
    If you are an educator please send an email to stating your name and Parallax Forum user name and a link to your educational institution website where your name appears.·"

    Best Regards,

    Kris Magri
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