to modify a random flicker

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i'm using vb to generate 3 random integers ranging from 0 to 255. i write these numbers to 3 cascaded shift registers via bs2sx. the registers drive led's to observe the bit patern, i have observed that the random seed generates a very tight on/off ratio and seldom goes beyond 14:18.

supposed i wanted to introduce another variable (rate)·into the function that could significantly reduce or increase that ratio.
the only solution i could come up with on the fly is to set each bit individually; however since i cannot reference bits in vb i'd have to introduce some shifty arithmatic such as

sub flicker(rate as integer) as byte
· for cx = 0 to 7
····· randomize
······if rnd * 255 > rate
······· seed = seed * 2 + 1
····· else
······· seed = seed * 2
····· end if
···flicker = seed
end function

is there a simpler algorithm that does not involve iteration?
thx nick

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