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Hewwo, all.· I am trying to write a program for my stamp that will mimic a nerve reflex.· I have the flow down, but can't seem to impliment it into a program.· I need the program to read a pin and compare the signal to a list of preset signals.· If the input signal matches any preset signal, or if the input signal is over or under·a different·preset signal, then it will turn a servo all the way to the right and send the result to be recorded in an EEPROM, 25LC640.· If it does not match any signal or go out of bounds of the other signals, then it will move the servo all the way to the left and send the result to the EEPROM.· I was thinking of using LOOKUP to compare the signal.· If anyone out there is willing to help me out, I can give more details.· Thanks a bunch.


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    I don't know how much I can help but here it goes...

    Looks like you have the "High Level" design worked out, now your going to have to break it down even further to ones and zeroes which microprocessors can understand.

    For example: I don't know what a nerve reflex is, with out doing some research (, but I would assume that it is either an analog signal or some type of digital pulse train. OK well that's an input, so now you know you will be programming the Stamp to look for this signal and then act upon this.

    If you haven't already done so, scan through the Parallax web site for all of the *.pdf documentation that they provide, also there is this new forum and the old yahoo group. There are literally MILLIONS of man hours of text and code examples out there. Don't be put off on reading something that may not pertain to what you are trying to accomplish, you may get an idea or discover a technique on how to accomplish your task. I also realize that reading some of this stuff can get really boring, so make it fun for your self by actually doing some of the examples.

    A great kit to get is the: "What's a Microcontroller? Text and Parts Kit / Homework Board", yes I know this sounds too simplistic, however in this text there are examples on how to program the stamp to act upon a digital or analog signal, control a servo, and other concepts. I went down to Radio Shack the other day and bought one myself just to have on hand and I've been experimenting with electronics since I was 10 years old (I'm now 41, yea I'm almost dead!). This is a great kit to prove out simple ideas quickly! No I don't work for Parallax!

    Keep your goal with in sight, but you'll have to break your problem down to even simpler than baby steps, to accomplish your task using a microprocessor.

    Good Luck with your project!


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