New Email Distribution Feature

edited 2004-08-09 - 16:58:14 in Announcements
The Parallax Forums now have·a new email subscription system.

The new system contains the text of the post as well as a link back to the original post on the Forums site.·The original system, in contrast, produces email that lets you know that someone has posted a new message, but requires you to sign onto the Forums site to read the message.

Your subscription·options can be adjusted in the Forum Control Panel. Select the Edit Subscriptions link to access your email subscriptions. Currently, you can set your subscription to·no emails, the default, or elect to receive individual emails.

If you find that you are receiving two email messages for each post,·you are probably subscribed to the forum·from·both email notification systems. You can unsubscribe from either list from the Edit Subscriptions form in the Control Panel.

The new system is now open for wide-scale testing. Please report any errors in the Parallax Forum Support area.
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