BOE bot control via a R/C airplane radio?

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Ive got a couple futaba (FM) R/C airplane radios and was wondering if·their is·any way possible·to control a BOE bot with one.

Is their any kind of reicever/appmod/etc. that·I could buy (or build) that could (easily) interface with the BOE bot?


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    Actually, you can just unplug the servos and plug them into an R/C reciever (w/ its own battery) and you have an R/C setup.

    Using the R/C can be a very useful trial method with a newly built robot because you do not have to do any programing - just move the joy stick and the robot moves.

    I suppose you are somewhat disappointed that this will not use the BasicStamp to control anything.

    If you want to do that, you have to input the reciever's pulses into the BasicStamp, then decode them and fit them into an appropriate place in your program.

    If you do not have the R/C RECIEVER, you might try using an IR sensor and a universal TV remote controller. Then, you have a system that can be used with a much smaller controller [noparse][[/noparse]for around the house] and less batteries. From there you can think of all sorts of things to push a button and control.
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    You can use PULSIN to "read" and decode the control outputs from an RC receiver -- this would let your use a standard RC transmitter as a controller for complex projects.

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    Ah, just the question I've been looking for.

    The receivers have three leads from each chanel, the red (+), the black (-) and the white (signal). I figure that I can tie the white directly to an input, I suppose that I have a number of options as to how (and if) I use the red and black lead?
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    You don't need to use the red lead as it is there to provide power to the servo. Connect the black lead(s) to Vss, then the white lead(s) of the channel(s) you want to monitor to your input pins (you can go through a 220 ohm resistor to prevent accidental shorts that result from programming errors). Then use PULSIN to "read" the channel input and process it from there.

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    Well, if you really wanted to use the basic stamp for this, you could yse the stamp as a mixer, so that moving the joystick left would move right motor foreward, and left motor backward, and vice versa and when you move the stick foreward, both motors move foreward, and so. This would be relatively easy to do, and is what most battlebots that use basic stamps do so that they do not need to pay outrageous prices for a mixer.
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    The remote I have supports tank drive, so mixing isn't a big deal, but where UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT are is a little off (thier in the corners), I was going to correct this with the basic stamp, and I was going to use other chanels (the switches on the remote) to toggle remote control with basic object avoidance, and activate other routines and subrutines...

    I'm sure that it will all work like a charm after I find wire with the proper connection type for the reciever.
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