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Everyone is talking about not getting e-mail from this board. At the top of the topic list in the forum is a link "Subscribe to this Forum". I clicked it. Doesn't this mean I will now get the messages by e-mail. Or does it mean something else?

Hmm... I didn't get this post (or I haven't got it yet, or my spam filters ate it). The DotBBNet help doesn't really elaborate on it... anyone have any ideas on that?

And yes, I know that this doesn't technically relate to the topic, but Test didn't seem appropriate. Maybe we need a "Forum Administration" topic opened up?


Al Williams

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    I did not seem to get a reply I made to·thread I posted·(with subscription turned on) and then replied to.· Perhaps it was not the spam filter that munched it.

    It seems·the 'subscribe' means the same as checking the 'notify me' as part of the posting.· THe subscriptions show up in the profile.

    Subscription notification is entirely different from what I would understand is being asked for in an email interface.· I'm looking for a type of a list feed, where the messages are pushed to me; not where I must activately initiate a polling of the fora for each individual message.


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    I think that there is a notify option that will send you and e-mail saying that 'someone has responded to your post and you can go to the forum, sign in , and read the reply."

    That link might then take you directly to that thread. Saving the time it would take to remember the topic, then surf the forum and find the thread.

    I am a member of a similar board and one nice thing is that the posts are VERY on topic, but the down side is that it seems that only a few people (almost exclusivly moderators) reply to the posts.

    Makes it easier to search and find pertinant data, but also harder for those who do not have the time to search for people who are asking questions.

    Another nice thing is that there are very few chat posts.

    Well Al, if you got a message that 'someone replied' then that is all you get.

    I clicked on the left column to reply and not just in the box on the bottom of the screen.

    There are 3 options on the bottom of this reply screen.
    Notify me by email or postings

    include signature

    and preview before posting.

    (still looking for that eleusive speeal cheacker.)


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    I am getting response e-mails. But there is an option to subscribe to a thread and another to subscribe to a whole forum. The forum subscribe doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe it is a misconfigure?
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    OK, now I am getting a notice every time someone posts, but it doesn't really tell me anything other than something happened. Now if the e-mail had the message or thread that triggered it, it would probably satisfy most people. You'd still have to go to the Web to post, so not everyone would be happy. As it is, it is a pain just getting a mail that says, "Hey, the Stamp list changed again!"

    Al Williams
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    I am looking into the forum-level notification and the content of the email that is delivered. We will open a Forum Support forum shortly so tht these messages don't get tangled up with BASIC Stamp traffic.

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