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The P8X180 Computer System


Presenting the P8X180 Computer System.

This is a Single Board Computer (SBC) based on the Zilog Z8S180 8-bit microprocessor, with the help of two Propeller 1 microcontrollers driving the onboard peripheral interfaces.

The main board includes the device interfaces needed to run stand-alone such as VGA video, USB or PS/2 keyboard, mass storage, and others. Four slots allows to expand the system with additional peripherals such as modems, printers and hard drive controllers.


  • Z8S180 (Z180) CPU @ 18.432 MHz
  • 512 KB flash ROM
  • 512 KB static RAM
  • 256 colors VGA video
  • USB and PS/2 keyboard
  • Dual channel audio
  • SD Card Storage
  • 1 Full TTL serial port
  • 1 Simple TTL serial port
  • I2C and SPI interfaces
  • Battery-backed Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • 32-bit floating point math co-processor
  • 4 expansion slots

The project is completely open source. Design files, firmware and software sources are available from the the git repository.

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  • Neato!

    Are these expansion slots to any particular standard or custom?

  • maccamacca Posts: 292

    The pin disposition is custom, the connector type is "incidentally" the same used by the ZX Spectrum (2x28 pins, less the cut sides).

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