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Propeller Tool 1 Vs Propeller Tool 2..... Compiler question.... — Parallax Forums

Propeller Tool 1 Vs Propeller Tool 2..... Compiler question....

JaanDohJaanDoh Posts: 105
edited 2021-02-01 22:16 in General Discussion


Like a fool I was comparing two different programs lol

I'm still working on my framework program,  which is probably obsolete already lol,

It became obsolete when the P2 came out I guess with its superior resources....

But it's okay, I'm using it as a learning exercise,  so it's all good....

I'm looking forward to buying a ready made P2 board like the ones i've seen on the site.

But I have a question regarding the the Prop Tool (I think that is what its called)

The same program when compiled using the different editors,

where Propeller Tool 1 is Version 1.3.2

and Propeller Tool 2 is version 2.4.1

I'm presented with the data in the attached pics

Propller Tool 1

Program size 3618 longs

Variables 1048 longs

Which totals to 4666 longs

Propller Tool 2

Program size 4022 longs

Variables 934 longs

Which totals to 4956 longs

So where has the difference gone?

Difference is 290 longs

Why does the later editor consume more Program bytes and less Dat(a) bytes?

What is different in the way each compiler compiles the program?

2560 x 1440 - 523K
2560 x 1440 - 570K
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