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Notice about Avatar changes — Parallax Forums

Notice about Avatar changes

Hi everyone!

At the moment, users of this forum who do not upload a personal avatar image are automatically allocated a random avatar image from a public service called "Gravatar". Each time everyone visits the forum, a call is made to the Gravatar site which adds unnecessary overhead.

This weekend we will remove the Gravatar plugin from the forum and replace it with a locally stored selection of avatar images.

The impact of the change is:

1) Users who have not uploaded a personal avatar icon will be automatically given a new avatar from a random selection of locally stored images.

2) The forum will no longer run the Gravatar script or connect to that external service.

This does not impact users who have saved a personal avatar icon in this forum. The personal icon will remain.

Users who had an icon stored on Gravatar could upload that icon to this forum using the user profile menu.

All users can change their icon at any time in the user profile menu.

To access the user profile menu, click your avatar at the top-right of the forum page, then choose "Edit Profile".

All the best from your friendly neighbourhood forum team!


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