New to Me replacement for cheap M/F & F/F Dupont wires from Ebay

I have had many poor connection issues with my M/F , F/F Dupont wires
from Ebay and Amazon. I thought about using wire wrapping as a replacement,
But I found snug fitting (Dupont) jumper wires from Pololu and assorted gang connectors
(like the 2x6) that work great on my P2 Edge Mini Breakout Board

Bill M.


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    I buy lots of Pololu's precrimped wires. I purchase them in a variety of sizes so I can use the short practical wire between components.

    I've purchased a bunch of their plastic housing but since the plastic housing's isn't critical for a good connection, I purchase most of my housings from sellers on Aliexpress (they're much less expensive from Aliexpress sellers).

    It's incredibly useful to be able to make custom wiring harnesses using the precrimped wires with an appropriate plastic housing.
  • I am a fan of Pololu's pre-crimped wires, too.
  • I make my own. I have a crimper hand tool and a little less than 10,000 crimps on a roll. I have housings from 1x1 to IIRC 1x8, and they can be glued. At least I can make any length but I wouldn’t want to make a lot of them this way.
  • Cluso99 wrote: »
    I make my own. I have a crimper hand tool and a little less than 10,000 crimps on a roll.
    I looked at crimpers the other day and then spent waaay to long on digi-key looking for crimps. Ultimately I decided I’m probably too lazy anyway.....

  • I'd gotten into this by serendipity a while back. First I bought the crimping tool, from RS several years ago. (At one point they sold both the tool for the Dupont connectors without knowing that it did that, and the tool for crimping DB connectors.) Then perhaps two years ago I found I'd bought premade jumpers using them. A different shop sold male to female ones. Also loose ready to go connectors of both styles and covers. Then I bought a kit from Micro Center of almost all the styles.

    It turns out that the connectors used for attaching cables to sound cards back when computers wore them, are also the same style.

    Now? If it works, leave it alone is my understanding.
  • You're saying these ebay wires have issues? I've bought several but haven't used much if at all.
    800 x 800 - 96K
  • The wires with female ends fit loose on male pin headers,
    and tend to cause connection issues.

    The Pololu female wires have a snug fit.

    Bill M.
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    If the problem is only in the female end (that sounds so wrong) then I'm golden.

    I only got male/male to use in breadboarding.
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