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P2 full datasheet badly wanted and needed



  • cgraceycgracey Posts: 13,563
    ManAtWork wrote: »
    We still don't have any electrical specs, have we. How much current can a pin drive?
    a) savely without too much voltage drop?
    b) absolute maximum rating without damaging the pin?

    The pins are designed to sink or source at least 30 milliamps. Lachlan has determined their impedance to be about 19 ohms.
  • 19 Ohms at 25°C typical means around 40 to 50 ohms max. at 85°C depending on process variation, I guess.

    So if I draw 10mA I can expect no more than 0.5V dropout. That's good and I can directly drive an SSR or a low-gain optocoupler.
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