Video Overlay Device

I'm building an RC rover on the 6WD Wild Thumper platform. Main controller is a PIC32 based board reading the RC receiver iBus protocol and getting that sent to I2C motor drivers. Kind of an over complicated RC car for now. I'm wanting to add an RF transmitted FPV camera to it and would very much love to include telemetry data of my own in the video, vs another RF link and device just to see that data. Not really looking for fancy animations or anything. Text and maybe some simple arrows and such.

I recall there being an analog video black box of some type back in the day that could do overlay text with a Propeller but I only see broken links and such these days. All the other stuff I see out there for on screen display seems to be dedicated to drone racing and looks to be largely tied to the flight controller in a 'just plug it in and it starts putting things on the screen' way. Not looking very adaptable.

I think the old one was called Propeller Backpack, but don't see anything but documents for it now. Any replacements for that device? I guess if I could find a known good schematic and firmware I could always build one up.


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