So I tried to make VocalTract.spin sing UST files....

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... and it's so horrible. I love it.

(If you don't know the original being butchered here, click here to acquire earworm)

(Also, I got a usable VSQ file from here, which I then converted to UST (which is a somewhat sane format, thankfully), so thanks whoever it is)

I've attached the code if you want to mess with it. The process is actually quite simple, all the complicated stuff happens offline in proptau.rb :
- Load the UST file into memory (UTAUSequence), ignoring basically all the cool parameters...
- step through every note and add control points for each parameter to an immediate representation (WorkSequence, UTAU2Work#do_it). This is where all the syllables are processed. It currently only understands CV-style lyrics (I don't think VCV would be that useful with a non-sampled voice synth...) and some syllables are unimplemented because I couldn't be bothered
- convert intermediate representation into VocalTract frames (TractSequence) and emit lagtrain.spin

This is just a jape, so don't expect this to get updated or anything. I do think the quality could be much better by tuning the syllables better.


  • Pretty Cool, Wuerfel_21

    You've created a new musical style, perhaps it will become an internet sensation...

    I previously had some fun with the 'VocalTract.spin' object by creating the following:
    Light sensistive Theremin - works on Propeller proto board
    This program utilizes a light-to-frequency converter sensor, a trackball and
    a 5 position switch to control the Vocal tract propeller object played through
    the Stereo Spatializer object.

    I would get some interesting vocal-sound effects by varying the amount of light and scrolling the trackball.
    I'll have to dig out my setup and record some of the sounds.

    Keep up the great audio experiments...
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    Yes. The music of tomorrow will sound like someone with a speech impediment and a full mouth singing into an old watering can. I mean, it's not like it's that much worse than the generic pop songs about love and/or sex that inexplicably fill the Top 40.
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