Propeller1 firmware development contract work

Hello -

I hope that I'm posting this in the proper place. Please direct me, if not.

I'm looking for a Propeller1 programmer to help me with some custom firmware. What follows is a copy of a post I recently submitted to a contractor-brokerage service. Any interested parties should contact me by email or PM. Thank you!




Big Fin Scientific creates smart technology to empower better environmental policy decisions. We manufacture electronics equipment and software which is used to gather fish and aquatic ecological data. Our customers include state and federal government agencies, scientific researchers and fishery managers.

Our waterproof, portable "fish measurement board" uses the Propeller micro-controller and communicates with Android and Windows data-gathering applications via Bluetooth and USB. We're seeking someone who is proficient in developing software for the Propeller or similar chips at an "Assembly language" level. The firmware is written in a Propeller-specific language called "Spin" (a higher-level language similar to Arduino) and "Propeller Assembly" which is a Propeller-specific flavor of assembly language.

We're seeking:

An experienced micro-controller developer who will:
* Create new firmware "objects" which run on the Propeller and interfaces and controls other IC devices (ie, "device drivers")
* Maintain and update firmware for standard and custom builds (ie, customer-specific builds)
* Create a "universal" firmware build which can be used across our primary circuit boards
* Create and maintain documentation about the firmware

Experience and proficiency in micro-controller assembly languages in general will be necessary. Proficiency with the Propeller languages (Spin and Propeller Assembly) is highly advantageous but not required.


We're seeking a relationship with a freelancer (not a company) who can work part-time with us over an extended period of time (preferably 2+ years). After an initial period of approximately 4-6 weeks of intense activity, weekly demands will vary up to 15 hours per week, which will correspond to demands from customers plus objectives related to new product development, product hardware changes and modifications to our Android application.

Interested parties:

Please send us your CV and an introduction to tell us about yourself. Thank you for your interest!

Big Fin Scientific


  • Two things that I think most interested folks will want to know:

    1. Does any of the work have to be done onsite, or can it all be done remotely?

    2. Do you require an NDA?

  • Out of curiosity, what are the problems at present or the need for improvement on the DCS? -- without signing an NDA :)

    btw, looks like it has been implemented well and professionally. By well I mean some sensible and practical thought has gone into the design.
  • Hi Peter -

    I need help to create "universal" firmware which will run on various hardware definitions and also provide newly-required functionality for various host applications. In addition, various improvements are needed as to how battery, temp/humidity and ID chip functionality are implemented.

    I hope that answers - thanks for your interest -

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