Does anyone have a spare DB-Expander #28325?

Back when these were still available, I promptly ordered from the firm the protoboards themselves, #28310, two of them.
And naturally I asked for two of the DB-Expander #28325 ones as well. However only one arrived. And I since then it wasn't important, I decided against asking about it.

@Ken Gracey in all honesty, it was well over four years ago, I'm not even sure I even have the paperwork here explaining what was ordered. I do know it was when the
WS2812B RGB LED Module was being offered with each order.

Now I have a project for the Prop 1 that's slowly taking shape, and I believe I'll end up using one of the two boards as part of the connection method.

For those of you in the Prop 1 mood who're following along, think of here Translating the Arduino Sketches into a SPIN function oh and the target board will probably be a famously described QS board.

One of those prototyping boards would host the connections to the camera board described within.

Mascot asleep!

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