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  • RaymanRayman Posts: 11,835
    edited 2020-11-11 01:48
    Maybe try with the new prop tool?

    I haven’t seen these kind of errors before ...

    What folder is pnut in?
  • Power for 7-inch LCD.

    1. To get +5V at a P2 EVAL board's expansion pin groups you must bridge the ACC HDR 5V jumper on the board. Without that jumper you will not have 5V at the 12-pin headers.

    2. Connect the 4-wire plug to an external 5V power supply. The P2 EVAL board I have--Rev B--does not provide enough power (about 0.5A) at the expansion pins labeled 5V. Red wire to ground; white wire to +5V.

    Spiral-colors demo working just fine. Cheers and stay well. --Jon
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