Peter Jakacki Presents "P2D2 Module Update - Screen Shots

Peter Jakacki did a excellent presentation on the P2D2 module. It is obvious from the various add on boards & built in features that Peter has put in a ton of time and effort to make a awesome development system.

1360 x 768 - 678K
1360 x 768 - 803K
1360 x 768 - 341K
1360 x 768 - 1M
1360 x 768 - 424K
1360 x 768 - 497K
1360 x 768 - 484K
1360 x 768 - 586K
1360 x 768 - 267K
1360 x 768 - 574K
1360 x 768 - 968K
1360 x 768 - 1M
1360 x 768 - 1M
1360 x 768 - 1M
1360 x 768 - 534K
1360 x 768 - 1M
1360 x 768 - 963K
1360 x 768 - 1M
1360 x 768 - 1M
1360 x 768 - 1M
1360 x 768 - 896K
1360 x 768 - 116K
1360 x 768 - 516K
1360 x 768 - 514K
1360 x 768 - 427K
1360 x 768 - 896K


  • These designs can take a thousand hours from start to finish and it's inspiring to see how Peter will complete it this year. The assistance from jmg is also particularly helpful for sorting out certain design issues with the best component choices.

    Ken Gracey
  • Let's be blunt here.

    @Peter Jakacki is detail orientated, thinks outside the usual boxes, can't hold any time frames because he is not really done yet, and on top of it is a very helpful person here in the forum. Reminds me of someone else. Parallax worked with him before with the ROM, so the connection is already there.

    Parallax is able to mass produce boards, stock and market them. As far as I understand @Peter Jakacki he is not really interested in producing stuff, more in the development of cool things like his WiznetP1 module and sell it to Wiznet.

    So - I think Parallax should mass produce the P2D2 as standard forever available format (alike Stamps or the flip).

    It is small enough to be plugged into other Boards, but it has everything onboard to get a sign of life out of it and start playing,/learning.

    What @Peter Jakacki is currently finalizing is a product with input of all the great minds here, somehow open like the P2 development itself.

    I would like RTC/CAP on it, but the main point here is that Parallax needs to produce the P2D2. Not Peter.

    It needs the Parallax silk screen. Same goes for @ersmith stuff, it needs official Parallax branding, same with Micro Python.

    And yes @cgracey and yes @Ken Gracey I do understand that you are cash strapped but I think all them people involved right now have done it anyway, without cash from Parallax and will do that anyways because the P2 is even more addictive then the P1.

    But putting up some nice Umbrella around this activity, support them with official recognition , not a logo 'P2 inside', but something alike. 'Parallax approved/recommended', maybe even branded, Not FlexGui, But Parallax FlexGui. Same for Micro Python.

    And put that on the official Parallax Website. Recognition and - hmm - Respect - can give a lot of motivation and satisfaction for any programmer. Might even work for non programmer.

    Anyways, @Peter Jakacki, you are a very interesting person and I would like to see more of your presentations, sadly I missed this one.


  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,131
    edited 2020-08-02 - 11:16:05
    @msrobots - Peter's full presentation is recorded here...

    (just in case you did not know).
  • @msrobots I mostly agree here. P2D2 should be the Parallax standard. Peter did a really good job here. I wouldn't strip it down either by taking off the RTC+CAP+Clock Gen, unless you could put external RAM(hyperram or somesuch) in the place of the RTC+Cap as I think standardized external ram could open up some awesome possibilities.
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