P2 has wings

Every propeller needs its wings ...

I've had my P2 eval board for a while and to get things going I put together these two prototyping boards for the P2 eval board to help me in my future developments.

The first, on the left of the photo, is a breadboard solution with the addition of some LED's and push-buttons to make circuit prototyping a little easier. The other, on the right of the picture, is a simple prototype board, allowing any circuit builds to happen here.
3232 x 2098 - 586K


  • Very nicely done.

    Not just the PCB's, but the fixing board with supporting standoffs for the accessory boards too. Thanks for sharing.
  • I agree, nicely done Tony
    So much prototyping space...
  • Looks like Solar Panels. :)

    Nice one Tony!
  • Nice! Will you be offering them for sale, or will you make the design files available?
  • I second Electrodude’s request. I think the educators in the room would love to have something like this for hands-on learning. Students could build and debug on the breadboard, then transfer the design over to the PCB for the grade.
  • I took one of Parallax's #64005-ES protoboards, soldered headers into it, and stuck one of the small Board of Education breadboards on the prototyping area snugly between the headers, and it works rather nicely and is very convenient, but it's small. A large double-width one like this would be much better.
  • Neat. I designed an RS-485 module for the P2-ES that was going to be built by Parallax, but Ken informed me today that they're going another direction. I guess I will have to build the boards myself. Thankfully, I do enough with RS-485 to make it worthwhile.

    I do like the breadboard PCB, Tony. Are you going to make it available?

    It might help the community to release your BOM and dimensions so that we can make matching boards.
    1920 x 1040 - 190K
  • Looks great Tony! Excellent work!
  • Interesting idea . Looks great!
  • @TonyD Looks great!

    @JonnyMac I need to explore RS-485. I have a ~200 ft. RS-232 connection that works, but is way past allowed length...
    Found a RS-232 to RS-485 converter chip... Is that what you are doing? I think not as I only see 3 wire ports. Think you need 4+ground for full duplex...
  • I'm using half-duplex in that design, but there are full-duplex chips (I used one on the EFX-TEK HC-8+ controller). Have a look at the MAX489.
  • I use the MAX491 for my DCS (distributed control system).
    This is RS-485/422, 4-wire, strictly command /response.

    Master's Tx is permanently enabled and the Rx is a shared response line.

    However, I am encouraged after recently discovering that the big industrial players have adopted BT, BLE, WiFi for plant control so I might be dropping the cabling completely (apart from power, obviously).

    DCS is the way to go, IMO :smile:
  • thanks for the kind words from everyone.

    I've a few spare pcb's and I'll put them up to tindie shortly.

    I'll add a link here when I've got them on Tindie
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