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Propeller 2 Live Forum - Early Adopter Series (topics, speakers and registration!)



  • octettaoctetta Posts: 112
    edited 2021-03-03 15:43

    @VonSzarvas said:
    Hi @Patter

    Thank you so much for sharing all those timestamps.

    Being in Europe I'm in the group of people rarely able to watch live, and rarely having enough time to catch up later. The timestamps really do help.

    Patter, seconding @VonSzarvas comments, you are a gosh-darn hero among heroes!


  • @Patter - you are awesome! Thanks for doing the timestamps!!


  • PublisonPublison Posts: 11,891

    When will the latest Wednesday video be posted so we can watch it this weekend?

  • Today. - Ken

  • Tuesday's P2 Live Forum is now uploading and will be here

    Ken Gracey

  • PublisonPublison Posts: 11,891

    Thanks Ken.

  • Registration links for both events in the first post!

    Ken Gracey

  • First post updated to include a link to JonnyMac's stepper motor presentation.

    Ken Gracey

  • First post updated with a link to Tuesday's Propeller 2 Live Forum (1 pm Pacific).

    Ken Gracey

  • First post edited to include the March 9, 2021 Propeller 2 Live Forum link to YouTube.

    Ken Gracey

  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 7,246
    edited 2021-03-21 15:59

    Registration link for this week's meeting added to first post! How about that image? It reminds us that soon, we will start seeing more Propeller applications like this Gatling Gun from Rick Gallinson. If you are interested in what the 2010 Propeller Expo looked like, forum member @W9GFO took a tremendous number of photos and they're all still live on his Flikr account. This picture also provides a vision that we shall eventually return to a time when we will host another Expo!

    I have moved this week's meeting to Wednesday. Yes, I'm bouncing things around a bit on you and appreciate your patience. The reason is that on Tuesday we have an important meeting with educators about the Python / Micro:bit "What's a Microcontroller" curriculum we are developing with

    Ken Gracey

  • W9GFOW9GFO Posts: 4,007

    This is the link to my photos;

    They are on Smugmug, which is now owned by Flickr - but still separate from Flickr.

  • March 30th Propeller 2 Live Forum registration added to first post!

  • April 6th Propeller 2 Live Forum added to first post!

    Ken Gracey

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