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...damn - those Mystery Boxes went quick!



  • Roy Eltham wrote: »
    I have a similar Lynx (a bit older). He likes to sit on my robots.

    Nice! Does he know that the bot was the first one to be built from a kit, and even had a complete course around him? (The bot not the cat.) Incidentally gang I got started off as tiger supporter, but now I'm open to almost any of the big and medium sized cats. The lynx and the bobcat are especially unique they remind of the snow leopard in how they wear their coats.
  • erco wrote: »
    David Betz wrote: »
    DaveJenson wrote: »
    My box was delivered today.
    Wow! You got a full robot kit. Cool!

    Amen Brother! Build that Bot, Dave!

    Mostly Built!
    3024 x 4032 - 3M
  • Cute! But where's his topknot?
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