Help! I just inherited a boe-bot class

I just inherited teaching a middle school robotics class. The person who was going to do it gave me 5 robots. Looking at the manuals they are 2.2 and 3.0. Will that create a problem? Can I use my Mac to communicate with the robot? My plan is to go through the course Parallax, but I'm waiting for my teacher log in, so I decided to just see what hardware I had.


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    I presume you have a BASIC Stamp on your bots. There is the MacBS2 environment for Mac and there is the Parallax IDE for Chrome. I believe the latter is a browser plugin.
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    You can get up and running pretty easily with the Boe-Bot. We should first verify that you've got the electronic components in addition to mostly-functional robots. Sometimes inheritance situations in schools can be pretty messy.

    How about if you snap a photo of what you've got hardware-wise and e-mail it to We'll give it a look, see if it's all up to a workable standard, and spend a bit of time on Hangouts getting you started.

    Use Parallax IDE, not MacBS2. It's here

    Ken Gracey, Parallax Inc.
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