Terminal Monitor

Am I supposed to be able to get into terminal monitor or TAQOZ by manually typing the key sequences, or are there timeouts that don't prevent that? I know they work because I can get to them via FlexGUI, but I would rather use a different terminal program.


  • You can use any terminal but yes there is a ~1 minute timeout if a suitable boot isn't found
    > space ESC
    > space D

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 7,005
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    Well, heck, I'm certainly not taking a minute (after resetting the board) to find those keys. And I am using TeraTerm which Peter lists on his TAQOZ page. The best I get is an overwritten message: "Doneesting"

    A minute later... Changed RX CR to output CR+LF and now get something a little more interesting.
  • Whoops... had the Flash switch on. Working now.
  • That would do it. Only 100 ms window then. :)
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