Pitot airspeed and i2c ms4525do


Do somebody play already with pitot Air transceivers I2C ms4525do?


Thank you


  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 6,576
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    There doesn't seem to be a lot to reading values from the sensor -- except the required information seems to be spread across more than one document. The basics go like this:
    pub read_pitot
      i2c.write($51)                                                ' read; other ids are $6D and $8D
      i2c.read(bridge.byte[1], i2c#ACK)
      i2c.read(bridge.byte[0], i2c#ACK) 
      i2c.read(temp.byte[1],   i2c#ACK) 
      i2c.read(temp.byte[0],   i2c#NAK)
      if (bridge & $C000)                                           ' check status bits, should be %00
        return false
      temp >>= 5                                                    ' fix lsb of temp  
      ' do bridge and temp calculations here
      return true
    In this suggestion, bridge and temp are global variables (words or longs). I'll leave the raw readings to useful values calculations to you.
  • Whow, I didn't get one now.
    Just inform if somebody have user experience

    I go order one for testing

    Thank you Jon
  • You're welcome. Keep in mind that I don't have one either, I just translated the data sheet to Spin. Hope it helps you get going with the sensor.
  • Duane DegnDuane Degn Posts: 10,072
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    Just invcase you haven't seen these, here's a sensor with an a pitot tube.
    I haven't used mine with the Propeller yet but I wouldn't think translating the open source C code to Spin shouldn't be too hard.
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  • Duan, that was the one I looking for.

    There are two type of them, one with I2C(PX4), the other analogue (AMP cheap one).
    I go for the I2C, just put in my basket.

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