Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

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As I was testing some enhancements to the basic pixel plot in the different video resolutions that I can dynamically switch to, I switched to 1080p at 1bpp to check basic functions. So I drew a rectangle. Fair enough, so I drew 10 more, and then I drew 50 over that.

Oh no I thought, I have a strange bug.

So I measured it......

Just thought I'd share that as I go off to travel down to my friend's to get these P2D2 boards out.

BTW, normally I'd write this to create those 50 frames
TAQOZ# 600 100 DO I x I y 500 w 300 h RECT 10 +LOOP ---  ok
4449 x 3217 - 757K


  • Man, you can render a 3D box in one line of code.
  • mmm, Only thing I can see is the overlap between bottom and top border seems to be more than 1 pixel. But that can be an artifact of the jpg conversion?
  • Hi
    The last rectangle 'looks' smaller that the first- but that is probably just a camera perspective thing
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