Need a help with coupling Parallex 360 servo feedback motor to D shaft

Hello all,
i need to connect my parallex 360 servo (having 25 tooth 5.96mm OD in datasheet) to a d-shaft of encoder.
Is there any coupler anybody has tried ? or please suggest some coupler


  • I 3D print those parts.

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  • Thanks Iseries
    it was helpful to get the name
  • Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) Posts: 22,563
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    I would strongly recommend a solution that uses the round hub that comes with the servo. The reason is that the injection-molded splines in the hub are much stronger than any that can be 3D printed or laser cut. I've tried laser cutting splines, and they have a tendency to slip under load.

    Also, I would recommend using a flexible shaft coupler that allows for slight misalignment between the servo and the encoder; otherwise, something could break. I've seen it happen.

    But more to the point, the Servo 360 has a built-in encoder, and it's a very good one. Why do you need an external encoder to begin with?

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