Donations for local Makerspace or Edu (Carlsbad, CA)

I hope this isn't against the rules as I'm not selling anything. I'm trying to return some donations to the community. It's too much to ship, so if you're in the San Diego area and would like to meetup PM me. I will be leaving the area for a month or so around Feb 20th, so we would need to meet before then. This is a winner takes all deal, I wish I had time to part it out but I don't. There are no broken items. The volume of the items and packing is 2-3 cubic feet. Most of the items were donated to my Seek Robotics Makerspace. The items came from Parallax HQ, and forum members.

It's you're a member of a Makerspace and want to donate it to them, that works. If you're a teacher and think a school might be interested I'd be happy to deliver anywhere in north county San Diego.

New, semi-organized passive, FET and LED components including two sets of wall or bench mountable drawers
BS2 Homework Boards
Utrasonic sensors
PIR sensors
IR distance sensors
Motor controllers
Relay boards
Other brands of microcontrollers
PCB audio amplifiers
Current sensing
CR and standard servos
Box of misc wire and shrink wrap
A bunch of other small items.
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